Elite Essays International offers writing services cutting across diverse academic disciplines. We have a team of professional writers with expertise in diverse disciplines to ensure that our company is capable of tackling academic papers from virtually all academic disciplines. Some of the academic disciplines our writers have expertise in include:

  • Nursing
  • Accounting
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Medicine
  • Management
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Technology
  • Biology
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Law
  • Art
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Religious Studies
  • Anthropology

Research Paper Writing Services

Research Paper Writing is an integral part of our services. Research papers are very common across all academic levels and disciplines. They are types of academic writing where a student is required to carry out research in a certain topic to put a certain topic into perspective. The papers may be written using empirical data collected in the field or through the use of secondary data collected through literature review. We have a team of research professionals and custom writers who have a long time of experience in research writing; our clients are thus guaranteed to receive high quality in our research writing services. Our research writing services are available to clients at relatively low prices. They are written with a high level of professionalism and are non-plagiarized.

book review writing services

Elite Essays also offers Book Review writing services. Book reviews are types of assignments whereby students are required to read particular books and write an assessment or evaluation of the books. These types of assignments usually present a nightmare to many students especially due to the fact that they are very involving. To write an effective book review, a student is required to read a book at least thrice in order to comprehensively understand the content of the book. Many students may do not have adequate time reading through books several times since they require time for other coursework activities. Elite Essays offers book review writing services at affordable prices and with high levels of professionalism in writing. We write book reviews in all academic disciplines.

case study writing services

We also offer case study writing services. Case studies are types of assignments whereby students are required to apply the knowledge they have gained from class into real life situations. They are assignments whereby a student is required to relate the knowledge gained into a real life situation. Professors use these assignments to test or foster students' comprehension into specific topics. Elite Essays provides Case Study writing services in all academic disciplines; for instance, we write business case studies and nursing case studies. Our Case Study writing is done by professional writers who have many years of experience in respective academic disciplines. Students can therefore rest assured that the case study assignments they order from us will be of the highest quality.

nursing paper writing services

Elite Essays also offers Nursing Papers Writing Services. We consider nursing writing an area of specialty because as opposed to other subjects of writing, nursing services impact directly on the community. Our company has a team of highly specialized writers in the field of Nursing, who are only mandated to write nursing papers for our clients. We provide nursing papers in all academic levels including college nursing papers, university nursing papers, masters nursing papers and PhD nursing papers. We have put apt quality control measures in this service in our relentless quest to ensure that our academic writing services are of the highest value to our clients. Clients can order nursing papers such as the "The Impact of Affordable Care Act on North Carolina's Uninsured Population" from us.

research proposal writing services

Elite Essays International also provides Research Proposal Writing Services. Research proposals are academic papers which are written prior to a research undertaking. They are meant to provide a detail of how a particular research or study will be carried out. However, instructors also issue research proposal assignments to students just to gauge their mastery of how such papers are written. The main aspect of writing a good research proposal is that it should not be written as though a research has already taken place, it should be written using a prospective language which uses probable results which would be likely if an actual research is conducted. Our research proposal writing service is provided by masters and PhD qualified writers with expertise in diverse academic disciplines.

Synthesis Writing Tasks

Synthesis writing tasks involve the collection of diverse ideas on a particular subject matter into one coherent and structured piece of writing. Synthesis writing tasks are a common feature in academic writing although they may not be provided explicitly as separate assignments. Synthesis writing is implicitly present in all forms of academic writing; this is because academic writing involves bringing together opinions and ideas from diverse authors. The combination of such ideas coherently could be defined as synthesis writing. We provide synthesis writing both as independent assignments and as a factor of other assignments. Our professional writers have outstanding experience in academic research and will write your academic papers to include insights from different authors; which is an aspect necessary to score a high grades.

term paper writing services

Elite Essays also offers Term Paper Writing Services. The definition of a Term Paper is apparent from its name. It is a paper written for a particular term, a term means a semester. Therefore a term paper is a piece of writing that should be written to reflect a semester's work. Instructors usually issue term paper assignments in a bid to test their student's mastery of content taught in a particular semester. To write an effective term paper assignment, a students must have read and comprehended the content taught in the semester; he or she must also conduct secondary research on the content of the paper to be able to come up with diverse knowledge about the topic. Our Term Paper writing service is provided by academic writing professionals with years of experience in the field of academic writing.

Creative Writing

Elite Essays also provides creative writing services. Creative writing refers to the type of writing where one uses his or her own inference to write about a certain topic. Although to write creatively one should have adequate knowledge about the subject matter of the paper, the content of the paper should not be exactly as what the writer has read before. Creative papers should have a personalized touch or originality. For instance, when an instructor requires students to write about "My life on Planet Mass" this would be creative writing because the student needs to use his or her knowledge of the planet because he or she has never been there. Our team of creative writers are professionals with masters and PhD degrees from recognized institutions in the UK and the US and will provide you with top notch creative services.

Content Writing

Elite Essays also provides content writing services. Content writing could refer to a wide extent of writing services; however, our company specializes in providing web content writing. Creating a website requires one to have the content for the various webpages in his or her site. In addition; the content should be able to optimize searches for services from search engines for the services offered by a particular organization. The content should be in line with SEO rules. Our company provides web content writing services in accordance with instructions from clients; this means that the client should provide instructions on which words he or she needs to have in respective webpages. Our content writing service is provided by masters and PhD qualified professionals; therefore our clients can rest assured that our content writing service provides top notch quality.

Referencing Styles

Elite Essays offers all styles of citations and the most common ones are as follows:

  • MLA - Modern Language Association
  • APA - American psychological Association
  • Harvard
  • Chicago


The standard format we follow:

  • 250-275 words per page
  • Times New Roman, Font size 12
  • Double-spaced
  • 1 inch Margin on all sides