How to write an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay refers to the type of writing that calls upon a student to carry out investigations about a topic, collect, come up and assess evidence and then create a position on the topic. Therefore, the writer must perform extensive research of scholarly or other written work and puts it in writing. However, it must be noted that this type of writing will require proper preparation before the material is written in the form of an argument.

First, the writer in such a case must establish a clear, succinct and defined thesis statement that must be put at the end of the last paragraph. This comes after setting up the context of the writing by evaluating the topic in a general manner. After explaining the significance of the topic or the reasons that the readers must be concerned with it, then the thesis statement sets the stage for the entire writing.

Next, the writer needs to organize the writing in the form of the sections that will be within the work. This includes the introductory paragraph, main body and the conclusion. To make this a success, the sections must be logical by developing the thought process and putting the ideas in the writing. Importantly, the writer must ensure that the argumentative essay has body paragraphs that provide evidence in support of the averments thereof. While this is one of the core additions that add value to the essay, the writer must ensure that these paragraphs are in support of the thesis statement. This means that the writer should use the evidence collected from the research to write the essay as expected.

In addition, as one writes the argumentative essay, the evidential support must incorporate factual, anecdotal, logical or statistical information. To make this a success, the author of the essay will be required to use only well-researched, accurate and detailed information, which must also be the current ones. However, these must only be used in support of the already established thesis statement. However, to make this have a proper flow, there must be alternative or differing points of view, which may at times not be aligned to the argumentative essay.

Finally, the writer will be required to have a conclusion for the argumentative essay. Here, it is not merely a matter of restating the thesis statement but readdressing it in the context of the evidence used or provided. The most important thing in this conclusion is to leave a lasting impact or impression on the mind of the prospective reader by offering effective and logical conclusive remarks. Therefore, one must restate the reason why the topic for the argumentative essay is important, evaluate the main points and review the thesis in support of your argument.

Topic: Should the United States put more restrictions on gun ownership and use?