How to write a Narrative Essay

A narrative essay usually entail telling a story but in normal circumstances, they should be anecdotal, experiential and personal in nature. This implies that it must allow the writer to express own ideas in a creative manner. Therefore, this type of writing involves enumerating the personal experiences, sharing of emotions and the sensory aspects of a person. It means that the writer must write a narrative essay that has some elements that include the plot, characters, setting, climax and at the end fully discussing the ending in an interesting way.

First, if the narrative essay is in the form of a story, it must include all the parts that have been mentioned above. On the other end, there are instances when the narrative essay is not written as a story, whereby it must be written in such a way that it narrates well to the reader. Importantly, the narrative essay must have a purpose, which may serve as the thesis statement for the writing. Further, the writer of this narrative essay must ensure that it is done from a clear and concise point of view. Commonly, this type of essay is written from the perception of the author. Notwithstanding, this is not the only point from which it can be written as at times this may require creativity as normal authors would do.

Writing narrative essays require clear and concise language, which must be evident throughout it. The fact that this essay is to show the creativity of the author shows that it must be effective, especially when the language used is artfully, carefully and particularly chosen for it. To evoke emotions and senses in the reader, the writer must use specific language at all times in the writing. As a choice, the author may use the first person pronoun ā€œIā€ as a way of connecting to the reader and expressing the thought process in the narrative essay.

In writing this essay, the creator or writer is required to be organized. This should appear right from the beginning whereby the introduction is to set the tone through which the entire essay will be written. The significance of this is that the reader becomes aware about its purpose right from the onset. Additionally, this provision confirms the fact that the writer of a narrative essay is usually in control of all the writings and must ensure that the audience follows it step by step from beginning to the end. At the end, the writing should have a conclusion with the writer endeavouring to be interesting or evoking emotions in the reader who should be more than willing to reread the narrative essay.

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