How to write a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay calls upon the writer to make a description of something, which may include persons, objects, places, experiences or situations amongst many others. Its significance is that it seeks to enhance the ability of a student to create and write a written account of the aforementioned aspects as well as granting one artistic freedom to describe. Therefore, one has the leeway to be as creative as possible as long as it is descriptive towards the selected topic or subject matter of the essay.

Before embarking on the actual writing of the descriptive essay, the writer should carry out brainstorming or some sort of research. This includes conducting research, taking down notes and some ideas before subsequently describing them. This means that writing down some notes on the side may offer a guideline on what is to be actually written in the essay. Additionally, writing this descriptive essay will require that the author uses only clear and concise language and terms. This requires carefully choosing words that are relevant and relate to the subject to be described.

Notably, the writer must use vivid language that may make the piece of work more interesting to the reader. The good bit about such language on the reader is that it forms a lasting impression on the audience as well as offering them the chance to adopt nuanced meanings of the piece of work. Additionally, writing of descriptive essays requires one to make use of senses so that even in writing, one appreciates the personal senses of the prospective readers.

The descriptive essay becomes better if the writer can give own thoughts as long as they are relevant and apply to the topic. Here, a proper description of emotions and feelings that relate to the selected topics may help in connecting with the intended readers at a greater level. Moreover, the writer of the descriptive essay must endeavour to leave a clear impression on the reader. The reader must seem to be familiar and appreciate the work as a true reflection of the subject that is being described within the essay.

Organization is one of the most important elements of descriptive writing and one is under an obligation to consider it. This requires that it has to be logical and be easily comprehended by the person writing it. It is important to note that the descriptive essay relies more on facts and written according to the experience of the author but in a standardized manner. Just like other types of essays, the descriptive essay has a conclusion after the body paragraphs, whereby the author restates the main idea in conclusive remarks which must refer to the subject matter being described.

Topic: Describe a place you have dreamed about that doesn’t exist in real life.