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is an Online Company established to provide writing services to students and other interested parties. Our services are available to students/parties who for one reason or another may not have adequate time to complete the assignments. For instance, people who work and study at the same time perhaps, won't have adequate time to write their assignments. Our mission is to foster academic excellence to such students by establishing apt controls in our assignment help services to ensure that all papers we write are of highest quality. We provide unparalleled and unprecedented quality in our academic writing services to students to foster exemplary academic success to them, which is our mantra; to achieve this objective, have put in place apt quality control measures to ensure our essay writing services are of unmatchable quality. We have various departments each of which is concerned with a particular aspect of quality, this ensure to ensure all matters of quality are conclusively addressed. Elite Essays offers a wide extent of academic writing services to students ranging from application essay services to PhD papers writing services.

Dissertation Writing

Our assignment help services come in an array of writing services. The reason why we have diversified our services is because we want to cater for the diverse needs of students who need writing assistance. For instance we provide assignment help in the form of dissertation writing help. This service is available to PhD students who want assistance in writing their Dissertations, which are the prerequisite to the award of PhD degrees. Like in the case of thesis writing, we also have a dissertation writing department since this type of writing needs substantial specialization.
Nevertheless, all our assignment help is provided by masters and PhD qualified writers who work round the clock to ensure that all orders are delivered in time. Clients can talk directly with their assignment help experts in case they may need to at any time of day or night.


We also provide assignment help in the form of proofreading services. This type of assignment help is provided to students who may have committed writing mistakes such as grammatical errors in the course of completing their assignments. We help such students by assigning their papers to our team of proofreaders who go through the papers accurately identifying any writing mistakes and correcting them accordingly.
The remarkable diversification of our assignment help services explains why we have been able to win the interests of myriads of students from across the globe. Our service is guided by passion as opposed to financial gain; our motivation is to see every student succeed in his or her academic endeavors.

Custom Research Services

Our assignment help services also spreads to the field of custom research. This form of assignment help is for clients who require research to be done in various academic disciplines. We have experts from diverse disciplines who ensure that all our research services are customized in accordance with the respective needs of different clients. Assignment help in the form of custom research is a service that is inevitable since in our services we have to deal with clients with very diverse needs. For instance, we write for both native speakers and international students. In this case, one must know which standard of English to use because obviously you do not want an international student to appear like a native speaker because this would put the student at odds with his or her professor.

Coursework Assignments

Our assignment help services also covers the area of coursework assignments. This type of assignment help is very common among students at all levels of learning. Coursework assignments are simply the type of assignments given by instructors periodically for the purpose of assessing students' mastery of content in respective courses. These are remarkably involving pieces of writing which require students to well vast with content taught in class; conversely the assignments can be ordered from us in case a student needs expert help. Coursework Assignments are a very common spectacle throughout the semester because after a professor covers a particular topic, he or she wants to test the comprehension of his or her students about the certain topic. For this reason, our coursework writing services are well diversified to meet the diverse needs of students from diverse academic levels and disciplines.

Editing Services

Elite Essays International also provides custom editing services to its clients. Editing is an inevitable procedure in any type of writing may it be academic or content writing. The importance of editing is to ensure that a piece of writing adheres to certain writing standards. For instance, in the case of academic writing, all papers must adhere to specific styles of writing. A professor may require students to use either APA, MLA or Harvard style of writing. Our editing services are meant to ensure that all academic papers meet writing standards in terms of styles of writing as correct use of grammar. We have adequate quality control measures in place to foster satisfaction guarantee satisfaction guarantee to our clients. Nevertheless, we also refund our clients in unavoidable cases. Our Editing Services are provided by Masters and PhD qualified professionals with expertise in diverse academic subjects.

Quality Assurance

We go extra lengths in pursuit of quality in our writing services. We set various controls to achieve top notch quality in academic writing; for instance, we have set respective departments in our organization through which each piece of writing has to pass before being delivered to the client through email. The writing process begins at the custom research department whose mandate is to research extensively on the respective topic of writing. The researched topic is then forwarded to the custom writing department with all the prerequisite materials for writing. The custom writing department then passes the completed paper to the quality assurance department which subjects the paper to processes such as proofreading, formatting and editing before the paper is finally transferred to the customer care department ready for delivery to the client.

Affordable Prices

Our cheap and affordable prices differentiate us from the rest of companies in the custom writing industry. Unlike many companies in the industry, our mantra is to foster academic success to students. As a result, we make our prices affordable to clients from diverse walks of life. We understand that there are many students in need of our services some of whom may not have strong financial backgrounds, this is why we have made our prices as low as possible in order to ensure we cater for the welfare of the diverse students body. Comparing our prices with those of other companies its clear to see that they are relatively low; nevertheless, our low prices do not negate the quality we provide to our clients whatsoever. The prices was arrived at after a market survey in which it was found out that there are many students including local and international who struggle with their academic papers but cannot get help since they find prices offered by writing companies too high for them.