Harvard Style Writing Guide

The Harvard style of writing lays emphasis on referencing – in-text citations and the references page format. The style’s conventions are still debatable; for instance whether a title page or a running head should be used. The format that should be used is usually provided by the instructor, for instance the instructor will give instruction on whether or not to include a title. Therefore, when using the Harvard style of writing, the most important thing that a student should keep in mind is how the in-text citations and the references page should occur. Nevertheless, there are instances where the format of in-text citations and references page differ. This guide provides the commonly used format.

The Harvard style in-text citations should be in the format: (Ernest and Smith 2016) – whereby Ernest and Smith represent the surnames of the authors of the referenced material. The authors’ initials for first and second names should not be included in the in-text citations. Assuming the above in-text citation was from a book, the reference would appear in the references page as: Ernest, J and Smith, M Personal Management, USA, Base Books. Assuming that the in-text citation was from a journal article, the reference would appear in the references page as: Ernest, J and Smith, M ‘Personal Management’ Journal of human resource management vol.5, no. 2, pp 13-15. In our samples page we have provided a sample paper in Harvard style.

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